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Children's Disabilities and Special Needs

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Resources for Feeding & Growth of Children

Mailing Lists for Feeding Issues of Children
Recommended parent discussion lists about feeding difficulties in young children.

Small Wonders ~ A Preemie Place
Laura Williams' website has important feeding tips and stories for parents of children born premature. Be sure to read: Weight & Feeding: A Preemie Parentís Struggle, Feeding Tips for Preemies, and Treatment for Behavioral Aspects of Feeding Disorders. Includes the excellent Feeding Forum.
Comeunity : Sensory Integration
Sensory integration articles and resources here on the Comeunity website.
New Visions
Articles by Suzanne Evans Morris, Ph.D., an speech pathologist specializing in feeding therapy. List of articles.
Oley Foundation
A wonderful support and source of information for caregivers or those living on artificial nutrition, aka enteral or tube feeding or TPN, total parenteral nutrition, and IV nutrition. Through conferences, database, and its website, this organization offers information, support, and understanding to parents of children requiring such therapies, as well as to adults living with HPEN.
Magic Foundation for Children's Growth
Support for growth hormone therapy. Online brochures on a number of disorders related to growth, including premature puberty, intrauterine growth retardation, etc.
Dysphagia Resource Center
Resources for swallowing and swallowing disorders. Includes the excellent Dysphagia Mail List Archive

NICDC - Dysphagia Factsheet
Overview of dysphagia - defination, causes, and research.

Marcus Institute, Emory University
Information on feeding disorder programs for young children, and several articles.

Growth and Feeding Special Needs of Children
Growth and Feeding

Food Aversion Hints
Dysphagia (Swallowing) Hints)

Sensory Integration
Oral Defensiveness Activities

Will My Baby "Catch Up"?
Gastroesophageal Reflux
Preemie Breastfeeding
Preemie Parenting

Feeding and Growth Lists and Links

Book Reviews
Special Needs Books
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Children's Disabilities and Special Needs
Special Needs Mailing Lists

Book Review
Great chapter on feeding issues.
When Your Child has a Disability

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Children's Disabilities and Special Needs

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