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Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie

By Alex Martin

Chapter Three. The Evil Returns

At that very moment in the past, Sonic the Hedgehog, Knuckles the Echidna, Julie-su and Tails were walking along a path that was an unexplored part of the Floating Island. Suddenly, Julie-su tripped over a root and fell into a hole.

“Ow!” Said Julie-su, “ I think I hit my head.”

“Huh? What? On the Floating Island?”


Julie-su accidentily pushed a big gold button that was shaped like the Chaos Emerald. Cling!

The wall behind her opened to reveal a bunch of glowing weapons. Suddenly a deep voice rang out, “ Julie-su, this is Knuckles. I am from the future. You have discovered what I hoped you would discover. These are the weapons of the Echidna Knights. And please tell Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails and my past self to come down here. You must all touch weapons that I tell you to touch. “

“Ouch!” Said Tails, Sonic, and Knuckles. “We think we hit our…”

“I know,” said Julie-su. “You hit your heads.”

“Whoa,” said Sonic. “Check out the kooky weapons.”

“Cool,” said Tails.

“Awesome,” said Knuckles.

“Ah, you have arrived my friends. Welcome. You may call me the Ring King. And now if you want an explanation of who I am, well.. Let’s just sort of say I’m a Super Echidna with god like powers. I have inherited the power of Armata Universe - the great power source, the power of all the universes, of all the zones.

“ Of all the zones, this is the strangest,” said the Ring King. A beam of energy shot from the Ring King’s hand and a picture appeared out of notwhere of a strange zone - and there was nothing but a white light. But in the center of the white light it looked like a giant crystal.

“Ah? Mr. Ring King?” said Tails, “I have a question. What is that giant emerald called?”

“Why it’s not an emerald at all, Tails. It’s a planet surrounded by a coating of crystal. It’s called the Planet of Chaos. That’s were all the Chaos Emeralds were made. It’s where all the chaos Emeralds came from. And they didn’t just come from the ground, they crashed down from the Chaos Zone in a beam of golden light a zillion years ago.

“And now its time to give you your weapons and the training you need to become the greatest fighters the universe has ever seen. From now on you are no longer Freedom Fighters - you are the Super Freedom Fighters. And all you have to do to access your powers is say your super names: Cyber Sonic! Mega Knuckles! Ultra Tails! Super Julie-su!”

“Cyber Sonic - you are the fastest thing dead or alive. And your Sonic spin is like titanium. You can slice through anything. And you are the ultimate Hedgehog.

“Mega Knuckles - You are King of the Echinda’s. You are the strongest thing alive… You have the Echinda’s Sceptra, a weapon of great power.

“Ultra Tails - You are the smartest thing alive. You can figure out problems in one second. You are a whiz at technology.

“Super Julie-su - You are Queen of the Echidna’s. You are the prettiest thing alive. You can convince any evil creature to be on your side. You have eternal beauty. And you also have the Echidna’s Sceptre. It matches your color - pink.

And Knuckles the Echidna, your sceptre is red.

And now its time to say your names in order.

Cyber Sonic, Mega Knuckles, Ultra Tails, Super Julie-su! Let’s Go Super Freedom Fighters!

“Ha ha ha…”

“Uh?,” said Knuckles.

“Now its time to get rid of you once and for all, you stupid Freedom Fighters!”

Chapter Four. The Final Test

“Now it’s time to release my power,” shouted Lord Dark-Ra. Evil laughter. “Demons of darkness, darkness of doom, change me into my True Shape - the true spirit of evil!”

“And you don’t know who I really am. My real name is the Evil Lord Unicon. The power I possess is unstoppable. Nothing can stop me. Ha ha ha…”

“Oh yeah, Roboto-breath.”

“Cyber Sonic! Mega Knuckles! Ultra Tails! Super Julie-su! Robotic Demons of Doom - destroy them!”

Gong! Mega Knuckles knocked three of the robotic demons of doom right off of the Floating Island and they smashed right into the Planet Mobius. They went BOOM!

Cyber Sonic PUNCH! Twing!

Cyber Sonic knocked the rest of the robotic demons of doom to bits.

Growl. “Now I am beginning to get really angry. Now its time to release my ultimate weapon: A robotic vampire! A robotic vampire that can change itself into any cyber robot that I choose.

“Count Botchula, smash that overgrown Hedgehog and his accursed Freedom Fighters to bits.”

Dong! Awww..

“Cyber Sonic, Mega Knuckles, Ultra Tails, and Super Julie-su -Super Freedom Fighters, there is only one way to defeat Count Botchula. The super weapons that I gave you. Pull them out and use them,” said the Ring King.

“Sonic Sword!” Said Cyber Sonic. Zing!

One fell swoop from Cyber Sonic’s sword, the evil Count Botchula not only feel to his knees, the sword went right through his evil robotic heart. He exploded. BOOM!

“Now I’m I think its time for me the Evil Lord Unicon to destroy them myself. Grr. Demon Sword of Evil come into my hands. I remember you fools. I know that stupid Hedgehog and his so called band of super freedom fighters.”

Crack! Clang! Cyber Sonic locked swords with Unicon. “I am getting really angry!” Gong, ugh.. The Evil Lord Unicon knocked the Sonic Sword right out of Cyber Sonic’s hand.

“My friend, there is only one way to vanquish the ultimate evil, the Evil Lord Unicon, the spirit of evil. I call upon my powers of the Golden Chaos Emerald to transform you Cyber Sonic into the ultimate fighter known as Cybrana Sonic. Cybrana Sonic Power!”

“I don’t believe it. His power is getting near my own strength. But no matter I can destroy him anyway. And besides there is only one way to destroy me - to slice through the Demon Crystal with the Cybrana Sword!”

Clang! Swords clashed. Cybrana Sonic and the Evil Lord Unicon fought a very big battle. The ultimate battle.

“ I think Cybrana Sonic could use your help. Sonic - Shield! Knuckles - Nunchaka’s and Axe! Tails - Bow and Laser Gun! Julie Su - Missles and Bombs! Everyone attack with your weapons. “

Knuckles Nunchaka’s! “Uh, that hurt, “ said Lord Unicon. “I can’t believe I’m saying that. And you know why that is? Because I have a special kind of armor and its made of a special kind of a Chaos Emerald, called a Clotos Emerald. “

Tail’s Laser Gun - Fire. Clang! “Ahh. You made a tiny gap in my Demon Crystal. Uhh.”

Cyrana Sonic now’s your chance. Clang!

“No, not my Demon Sword,” said the Evil Lord Unicon. The evil Lord Unicon’s sword exploded into a billion pieces. BOOM!

“And now, its your turn, Evil Lord Unicon!” Clang! Clang!

“NO…” Kaboom!

And the Evil Lord Unicon’s Demon Crystal explodes. And then the Evil Lord Unicon staggered back in pain. Uh uh.. Oh no I’m almost at the edge of the Floating Island.

“Hi Ya!” “No!” With one final slice from Cybrana Sonic’s Cybrana Sword the Evil Lord Unicon exploded into infinity and he crashed into the ground.


Mobius reappeared and everything was okay. The universe was saved thanks to the Super Freedom Fighters! “Let’s go Super Freedom Fighters!”



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