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Parent to parent support for preemie parents in these popular preemie discussion groups.

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Preemie Discussion Groups (Preemie Listservs, Forums, Email Support)

The top resource for older preemies. An active support group for parents of children born prematurely who are now school age (4 years old or older).
To join: Send an email with this message: SUBSCRIBE PREEMIE-CHILD Your Full Name to this address: LISTSERV@LISTSERV.ICORS.ORG When you receive a reply, email the information requested to the listowner to complete your subscription. (Hint: Be sure to include the dash in the name preemie-child.)
Listowners: Allison & Rick Martin <>

A discussion list for parents of children born before 36 weeks. A vocal and informed list. Subscriptions must be approved by moderator.
To join: Send an email with this message: SUBSCRIBE PREEMIE-L to this address: MAJORDOMO@YARRA.VICNET.NET.AU
Listowners: Anne Casey, and Gary Hardy

Post Preemie Pregnancy Group - PPPG
A email discussion group about being pregnant again after having a premature birth.
To join: Go to to sign up, or write to the listowner at and ask to be subscribed
Listowner: <>

A large online forum on prematurity from the owners of Preemie-L. A lighter, more conversational forum. Subscriptions must be approved by owner.
To join: Send an email with this message:
Listowners: Anne Casey & Gary Hardy <>
Websites: ,

Preemie Times
This is an open discussion list for posts that have to deal with preemies and any other relevant subject in their lives (or ok their parents lives). Join the PreemieTimes List for light hearted Preemie discussions. Poems, stories, and links to interesting sites are welcome.
To join: Visit and subscribe.
Listowner: Ami Logan, <>

Preemie Parenting
Small, chatty email list for family members of preemies and women experiencing a complicated pregnancy. Fill out questionaire to join.
To join: Send an email to: or visit Kim's webpage to subscribe.
Listowner: Kim Wilson <>, co-editor of the book "Living Miracles,Stories of Hope from Parents of Premature Babies"

Prematurity Chat

Bill and Monica Stavig's Preemies.Org was established to help parents of premature infants and toddlers find other parents using yahoo groups discussion and chat..

Related Email Support Lists

List of Special Needs Listservs
Annotated lists of listservs for parents with children who have special needs or disabilities. An invaluable resource.

PVL Discussion Board
Open forum for parents with children who have Periventricular Leukomalacia (PVL).

International Listservs for Preemie Parents

Unga -Preemie (Preemie Sweden)
A Swedish discussion list for families with premature preschoolers and/or schoolchildren. Norwegian, Danish and Finnish/Swedish are also welcome! More information, archives and discussion forum are to be found in Swedish at the homepage. Discussions are in Swedish.
To join: In the body of your email, send the message, SUBSCRIBE UNGA-PREEMIE to MAJORDOMO@KANALEN.ORG
Listowner: Susanne Leoo, <>

A discussion list in French for parents of premature babies. Prema-l est un petit groupe de discussion qui regroupe pour l'instant quelques parents dont les enfants sont nés prématurément.
To join: In the body of your email, send the message, SUBSCRIBE PREMA-L Firstname Lastname to this address LISTSERV@LISTS.MCGILL.CA
Listowner: Gaelle Trebaol <apep@COLBA.NET>

Verenigning Van Ouders Van Couveusekinderen (VOC)
A group for parents who's children spent time in an incubator (for parents of preemies but also for parents who's children were so sick after the birth of their baby that they had to be hospitalised). The language is Dutch, though if there is an English speaking preemie parent who feels terrible lonely in Holland, they are welcome to join.
To join: Go to egroups at or write to Anne-Mieke van den Berg
Listowner: Anne-Mieke van den Berg, <>


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