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Neonatologists, professionals, and parents discuss the development of children born premature. Developmental, medical and other issues evolve as preemies grow up - some resolving and others arising as children age and face new challenges.

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Preemie Books
Special Needs Books
Great resources for on children's special needs and disabilities. Sensory integration, cerebral palsy, parenting and much more.
Prematurity Books
Parenting after the NICU. Book reviews and author interviews.
Preemie Development
Preemie Brain Bleeds
A preemie mom discusses brain bleeds in preemies, sharing her experience in the NICU and providing background information. Nicole Zimmerman
What to Do When Your Child is in the Hospital
Parent tips if your child is in the hospital. Miriam Edelson
Developmental risks and followup
Early identification of developmental difficulties is believed to be critical to the success of treatments for these conditions. Sheena Carter, PhD
Sensory Integration Problems in Preemies
Common sensory integration problems in preemies, causes and solutions. Lindsey Biel
Will My Baby "Catch Up"?
A summary of scientific studies on growth and prematurity. Dr. Raye-Ann deRegnier
Prematurity and Speech and Language Delays
If a child is born prematurely, he may not meet the milestones that his chronological age suggests. Laura Dyer
Risks in Adopting a Pre-Term or Low Birth Weight Baby
Overview of the potential developmental outcome when considering the adoption of a pre-term or low birth weight LBW baby. Patricia Irwin Johnston
Developmental Care: Overstimulation and Your Premature Baby
Your premature baby gets upset easily - what can you do to help? Maren Peterson-DeGroff
Comforting Your Preemie In the NICU - Preemie Signals
Comfort your preemie in the NICU by learning his signals. Kristine Repino
Scars of the NICU
Preemie parents discuss the residual scars children born prematurely carry from their time in the NICU. Allison Martin
Dental Problems Related to Prematurity
Development and common problems of the teeth of premature children. Dianne Maroney
From Diapers to Dating
Will my preemie ever be tall? Allison Martin
The "R" Word
A father is told his little boy may have mild mental retardation. Jeff Stimpson
Timing of Diagnoses of Prematurity Impacts
Overview of ages when common diagnoses related to prematurity are made. Helen Harrison
Premature Baby and Child
The trials of having a premature infant do not end once your preemie is home. Dianne Maroney
Premature Baby and Child
Providing much needed information for parents of preterm babies. Amy Tracy
Preemie's Special Needs
Special Needs Books
The best books on children's special needs - cerebral palsy, sensory integration, special needs parenting, speech and much more.
Advocacy for Preemies
Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia (BPD)
Cerebral Palsy and Motor Impairment
Growth and Feeding
Sensory Integration
More Special Needs Information for Preemies

Children's Disabilities Information website has articles and resources for preemie parents on many special needs related to prematurity. Including:

Cerebral Palsy
Learning Disabilities
Sensory Integration
Sleep Difficulties
Special Needs Parenting

Preemie Parent Online Support
Preemie Celebrations Guest Book
Read entries and share your preemie's accoomplishments with thousands of other parents.
Preemie Child Mailing List
Discussion list for parents of preemies, 4 years or older.
Preemie Books - best books on caring for your preemie
Special Needs Books - best books on special needs issues
Special Needs Forums
Discussion groups for parents of children with special needs or disabilities.
Childrens Disabilities Information
Special needs support for long term preemie issues.
More Preemie Forums & Mailing Lists
Additional preemie discussion groups.


Preemie Books
Preemie Books
Special Needs Books
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