Your Smile

A mother's poem for her preemie child with severe special needs.

By Janet M. Gresham

Your smile tightens our heartstrings,
pulling our love into a great big bow.
Your smile streams like sunshine through trees,
sprinkling laughter in the shade.

Your mind may never ponder metaphors.
Your eyes may never follow clouds.
Your feet may never scamper barefoot.
Your fingers may never pen a letter.
Your voice may never say "I love you."

Yet, my child,

You are granted power to teach patience,
unabridged love.

To those who pause their world
long enough to know you,
you give yourself and smile.

Janet Gresham is a former news editor and reporter. She now works at home near Selma, Alabama and is editor of Selma Showcase magazine. She also edits ParentShare, a local newsletter that is a service for families of children with disabilities. Janet is the mother of preemie twins plus one.