Preemie Stories

Parents of pre-term babies share their heart wrenching personal stories and poems.

Premature Infant Prematurity Books
Remarkable NICU stories from preemie parents.

An Unexpected Journey on the NICU Rollercoaster
The personal story of a tiny baby born to a NICU nurse. (Dianne I. Maroney)

The First Visit to the NICU
You can hardly believe it is true.. a preemie father visits the NICU. (William H. Woodwell, Jr.)

Alex's Birth Story
A dad describes the birth and survival of a micro-preemie. (Rick Martin)

Lost and Found
A poignant poem about premature birth. (Maren Peterson- DeGoff)

Where Am I? Who Am I?
Stream of consciousness in the NICU - exploring the feelings of a mother of a newborn premature baby. (Pat Linkhorn)

David's Story
A father shares the touching story of a preemie born after reverse tubaligation, and 87 days in the NICU. (David L. Meredith, Jr.)

What A Difference A Year Makes - Recollections of a Long Stay in the NICU
Mother of a micro-preemie tells the story of 183 days in the hospital. (Laura Biddle-Bruckman)

The Signature: New Preemie Mother in the SCBU
Poignant event in the life a new preemie mother whose baby is in British Intensive Care. (Ann Leary)

Tommy's Early Start
The traumatic story of a premature baby's birth. (Darlene Almer)

Adam - A Preemie's Story
The story of a two pound preemie's NICU experience and his tracheostomy. (Tina Persels)

Kangarooing My Little Miracle
Personal story of providing kangaroo care in the NICU. (Krisanne Larimer)

Preston's Gift
A father's ode to his beloved preemie son, as he struggles for his early life. (Kevin Shay)