NICU Struggles

Difficulties in the NICU

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Prematurity Books
Reviews of recommended books for preemie parents.

Does My Preemie Feel Pain? Preemies and Pain in the NICU
Most people would agree that young babies feel pain, even babies born prematurely. Surely, you would be surprised to think otherwise. However, despite scientific evidence, the idea that preemies do not feel pain is still prevalent. (Allison Martin)

The Ambiguous Loss of Premature Birth - A Survey
Coping with grief and conflicting emotions of premature birth. (Kimberly A. Powell)

A Father's Wishes for his Premature Son - A Poem
An uplifting poem of a father's love. (Kevin Shay)

Postpartum Depression
An indepth article on postpartum depression - what it is and how to cope. (Elizabeth Pantley)

Comforting Touch and Massage Reduce Stress for Preterm Infants in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Although gentle, still touch has immediate positive effects, these research studies suggest that preterm infants receive very little of the comforting, nonprocedural touch in the NICU that they so need. (Lynda Law Harrison)

Preemie Brain Bleeding - Our Experience
A preemie mom discusses brain bleeds in preemies, sharing her experience in the NICU and providing background information.(Nicole Zimmerman)

Sacred Moments
A nurse helps a family heal after the premature death of their baby. In this touching story, hospital ritual, plaster-of-paris art, and a nurse's compassion makes a big difference. (Jude L. Fleming)