Caring for Your Premature Baby in the Neonatal Unit

Parenting in the NICU - caring for your pre-term infant and advocacy.

parent touching premature infant

Premature Baby Books
Recommended books for parents and children.

Physical Care of Your Baby in the NICU

How to Participate in the Physical Care of Your Preemie in the NICU
Providing basic physical baby care for your preemie in the NICU. (Susan L. Madden)

The Benefits of Breastfeeding Milk for your Preterm Baby
Mothers of preterm babies who breastfeed provide their baby with milk especially formulated for preemie development. (Cindy C. Martin, RN and Jeanette Zaichkin, RN)

The Use of Comforting Touch and Massage to Reduce Stress in Preterm Infants in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Gentle touch makes such a difference for your baby. (Lynda Law Harrison, RN, PhD, FAAN)

The First Bath - Caring for Our Preemie in the NICU
Bathing our preemie connected us as a family. (William H. Woodwell, Jr.)

Providing Comfort and Developmentally Supportive Care for Your Premature Baby
Comfort your premature baby in the NICU by minimizing noise, providing positioning support, and reading your baby's clues. (Susan L. Madden)

The Benefits of Kangaroo Care for Your Premature Baby
Research and personal experience supporting kangaroo care of pre-term infants. (Krisanne Larimer)

Know When to Hold Them
Provide comforting care for your baby by learning his distress signs. (Kristine Repino)

NICU Advice for Parents and Professionals

Parenting Your Baby in Neonatal Intensive Care
Expert advice on parenting your premature infant as you prepare to bring your baby home. (Jeanette Zaichkin)

parent holding pre-term infant

Milestones and Special Events to Record in Your Preemie's Memory Book
A few ideas to reference that may be applicable for you to record on your own as they occur, day by day or week by week. (Erin E. Taylor)

Connections with Other Preemie Families Gave Us Hope
The mother of a micro-preemie finds encouragement in meeting preemie parents online and in person. (Laura Biddle-Bruckman).

Coming to Terms with Prematurity
Advice for preemie parents and professionals in the NICU. Interview with William H. Woodwell. (Allison Martin)

Sibling Visits to Your Baby in the NICU
Having a sibling in the NICU is a difficult time for any child. Advice for older brothers and sisters visiting babies in the NICU. (Kristie McNealy)

When Your Baby is in the NICU - What To Do
How to care for yourself when you have a preemie, advice from a preemie's father. (Jeff Ewing)

Focus on Your Child
Advice for new preemie parents. (Interview with Kimberly Powell)

Keeping Your Sanity in the NICU
Self care advice for preemie parents. (Interview with Elizabeth Mehren)

What You Need to Know When Your Baby is in the NICU
Advice for parents and professionals from the author of Newborn Intensive Care (Interview with Jeanette Zaichkin)

What I Learned in the NICU
Commonalities among parents in the NICU (Interview with Kim Wilson)