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Milestones and Special Events to Record in Your Preemie's Memory Book

By Erin E. Taylor, author of the Preemie Book of Memories

List of suggested milestones and special events to record for your preemie, in their special memory book.

A few ideas to reference that may be applicable for you to record on your own as they occur, day by day or week by week.

Dont' forget to remember...

First time heard cry
First time saw a tear
First time able to change diaper
First time able to wear clothes
First time able to touch
First time able to see baby with no tubes, tape, etc.
NICU Neighbors
Respiratory needs
Blood gases
Vital signs, monitoring or bradiacardia
X-Rays, scans or other test
Nicknames given to your preemie
Any type of graduation (NICU to Grad Unit, isolette to crib, tube to bottle feeding, etc.)
Learning to suck, swallow and breath
Temperature changes
Impact on siblings
Living arrangements during NICU stay
Hospital / NICU transfers
APGAR scoring
Nutrition issues
Neurological issues
Cardiac issues
Measurements (ex. head circumference)
Any Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) issues
Therapy, developmental progress, continuing challenges

Erin E. Taylor is the author of the Preemie Book of Memories, a delightful hardcover, spiral bound preemie memory book to record the journey and records of your preemie's early months. This list is reprinted with permission from this colorful preemie memory book.

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